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I am a published journalist, photographer and playwright, and a winner of the I.A.B.C. Call for Research Papers.

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Howiemandelimage article
The Star-Ledger

Howie Mandel offers Jersey a little comic relief

Howie Mandel learned his talk show was cancelled on "Take Your Daughters to Work Day." "At least I had someone to help me pack my boxes," Mandel says by phone from the "Just for Laughs" comedy festival in Montreal. "Next year, I'll have to bring her along with me for 'Take Your Daughters to Look for Work Day.'"

Rita article
The Star-Ledger

Laughter guaranteed as Rudner comes to Morristown

"I have always liked Morris, and I have always liked his town," says Rita Rudner... Image from Wikipedia.

Carottopimage article
The Star-Ledger

Give the man his props: Comic has bag full of tricks

Carrot Top's first prop was a "Crime Watch" sign. "I held it up and said, 'How could this be in a crime watch zone if they are not even watching the signs?'" he says from his home in Orlando, Fla., "It took me two hours to get this sign down."