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I am a published journalist, photographer and playwright, and a winner of the I.A.B.C. Call for Research Papers.

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Riverscover article

Nearly 20 Questions: Joan Rivers Speaks to New York Resident About Parenting, Home Shopping & Liz

In a recent phone interview, Rivers took the time to answer 19 questions (some are two-parters) from a group of this interviewer’s friends and one lame question from the interviewer.

Charlesbuschcover 1 article

Nothing’s Sacred: Charles Busch, Who Retooled Boy George’s Taboo, Has Carved a Successful Niche by Being Himself — Cover Story & Cover Photo

Charles Busch has been a fixture in the New York theater scene for almost two decades. As the end of October approaches, Busch has a host of treats on his plate. His musical Taboo will be in previews, and his new movie, Die, Mommie, Die! opens on Halloween.

Brettsomers article

Match Maker: Brett Somers Returns to New York City For A One-Woman Show at Danny’s Skylight

Before Elaine Stritch started per- forming in Elaine Stritch at Liberty, which went on to successful Broadway and London runs, Brett Somers began working on her one-woman show about her life, which opened July 7 at Danny’s Skylight Room for a run of a month of Mondays.